Harvest Is Underway in Texas

Texas– Winter wheat harvest was underway in areas of North Texas. Wet conditions in the Blacklands delayed some wheat harvest. However many producers lost much of their crop to previous weather damage and continued to bale or graze those fields.

Oklahoma– The ongoing drought has delayed any significant harvest of small grains. Wheat heading was 94 percent complete by the end of the week. Wheat in the soft dough stage of development was 60 percent complete, 33 points behind the five-year average. Rye in the soft dough stage was 89 percent complete by week’s end. Oats heading was 80 percent complete and oats in the soft dough stage reached 32 percent by Sunday, 31 points behind normal.

Colorado– By week’s end, 88 percent of the winter wheat crop had reached the jointing stage. Crop condition ratings fell but remained generally very poor to fair. Last week, 95 percent of the state’s spring wheat crop had emerged, up 17 percentage points from the previous week. Three percent of the crop was in the heading stage.

Kansas– The winter wheat crop was 93 percent headed, behind 100 a year ago and 98 average. Conditions rated as 24 percent very poor, 21 poor, 27 fair, 24 good, and 4 excellent.

Nebraska– Wheat conditions rated 24 percent very poor, 29 poor, 33 fair, 13 good, and 1 excellent. Wheat jointed was 92 percent, behind last year’s 100 and 96 average. Wheat headed was 27 percent, well behind 99 last year and over two weeks behind 62 average.

South Dakota– Winter wheat condition rated 34 percent very poor, 24 poor, 31 fair, 11 good, and 0 excellent. Winter wheat jointed was at 46 percent. Winter wheat headed showed little progress at 2 percent, behind 85 last year and 27 average. Spring wheat emerged was 95 percent, behind last year at 100 and near 96 average. Spring wheat condition rated 2 percent very poor, 3 poor, 33 fair, 53 good, and 9 excellent.

North Dakota– Spring wheat seeding was 64 percent complete, behind last year at 100 and 89 average. Spring wheat was 42 percent emerged, behind last year at 99 and 73 average. Condition rated 7 percent very poor, 4 poor, 21 fair, 52 good, and 16 excellent. Durum wheat seeding was 54 percent complete, behind 100 for 2012 and 78 average. Durum wheat was 30 percent emerged, behind last year at 94 and 62 average. Condition rated 0 percent very poor, 1 poor, 14 fair, 83 good, and 2 excellent.

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