Jada: Kiowa crop update

Jada_thumbnailUpon our arrival to Kiowa, KS, we started cutting south of town. The wheat was yielding around the 30’s with test weights at 58. We were able to cut a field but then the moisture caught up with us and we had to shut down our machines.

A ditch view of Kyle opening up a field south of Hardtner

A ditch view of Kyle opening up a field south of Hardtner.

Lack of moisture and freeze damage are to blame for the less than stellar yields. While it isn’t as dry as Texas, it is dry here too. Our farmer in Hazleton, KS said ponds that haven’t been dried up in over 60 years are dried up. We also heard people aren’t using water on land unless livestock is there. That evening it rained around an inch so we had a day off once again. The wheat in Hazleton is still not ready to cut but will most likely ripen quickly thanks to the rain.

Betsy is thankfully still in action

Our beloved Betsey is still in action in the field. Here Theo takes her to dump a load. As you can see the ground is dry but the wheat isn’t quite ready to cut.

The Hazleton wheat isnt quite ready yet

A view of the heads in one of the fields we will cut in Hazleton- North of Kiowa.

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