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Z Crew: Back into the Groove

headshot2Shattuck, OK: The Z Crew has been in the field for two and a half days and it already feels like it’s been a month. It is amazing how fast we get back into the groove of wheat harvest. Mom and Dad wake up, makes lunches, and head out to the field while Callie and I hang around and take care of what needs to be done at the trailer.

We’ve run into wheat that’s not quite ready and Saturday night brought light showers. Therefore, the combine has sat idle. Mom and I ran to the grocery store this morning and bought the makings for a roast dinner, came home and threw everything into the crock pot. Dad and Callie lounged most of the day, watching television or reading. It was a relaxed Father’s Day! One for the record books. We hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day with good food and great company!

Z Crew: Crockpot Dinner

 Carrots, green beans, potatoes and onions gave this roast great flavor!

Z Crew: Lounging

Jim would’ve rather been cutting wheat, but settled on reading a good book.

Z Crew: Father's Day Roast

A Father’s Day Feast!

Z Crew: Father's Day Dessert

Strawberry Shortcake was the dessert of choice for the evening.

Z Crew: Storm over Shattuck

After our food settled in our bellies, we sat outside on the tailgate of the pickup and watched a storm roll into town. Looks like we won’t be cutting tomorrow!

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