Jada: Steady does it


While there isn’t much to say here as Hoffman Harvesting continues to cut in Kiowa, there is much to see. The harvest conditions remain the same. Green sucker heads in our mostly dry wheat fields continue having us paying close attention to our moisture monitors. The yields are remaining in the 40’s to 50’s. Everyone has their noses to the grind which makes catching anyone out and about nearly impossible unless it’s supper time. The only thing that’s changed is the crazy wind which is working in our favor to get some acres cut once the sun goes down. Steady does it.

Its really really windy not our version of the fast and furious

Can you see the stop sign ahead sign? Because of this sign, you can tell this photo isn’t our version of the “Fast and the Furious.” It’s just really that windy. Today we had high winds and it was very dusty in the fields. The wind worked in our favor to keep the fields dry longer tonight.

Pipeline crossing signs warn us of whats up ahead

Pipeline crossing signs warn us of our neighbors nearby our field.

Our neighbors building pipelines

While our headers try to avoid scooping up dirt, our neighbors are digging dirt to build pipelines. 

A little Bambi lost in the field

A little Bambi is lost in the field without his mother. He eventually heads to the trees.

James finishes off apart of the field while the graincart gets situated to dump him

James cuts open a terrace as the grain cart get situated to eventually dump him.

Moving down the road to our next field

Moving down the road to the next field. Signs and oncoming traffic are what we hope to avoid when on the move.

Cutting the field open

The guys cut open a new field.

A beautiful harvest moon

Now that is a beautiful harvest moon!

More beautiful sunset skys

When the lights come on you know it’s about time for the sun to go down. This time of the day is the most challenging to cut.

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