Jada: Hit the road Jack

Jada_thumbnailFor the past two days, Hoffman Harvesting has been split up. Part of our crew has stayed in Kiowa to finish up our last couple of fields while the rest has moved up the road to Pratt to harvest there. After our evening meal, the Kiowa crew finished our last field and moved up the road. The only things left here in Kiowa are the campers.

Before we can pack up and leave, things need to be tended to. We need to pay bills for groceries, fuel, propane and the campground, check in with the Post Office to make sure we received all our General Delivery mail and if not forward it to the next stop, say goodbye to friends and of course settle up with farmers. Tomorrow it will be time to say, “Hit the road, Jack!” Here are a few photos from our last few days here.

The wicked cool sky tonight

A beautiful photo as the sun sets on the eve of Leon’s birthday.

This campground may not look like in the middle of nowhere but it is

Due to the pipelines, campgrounds are popping up everywhere including the middle of nowhere. Here is a campground situated between Alva and Kiowa. With the trees, it looks like it’s in town but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

campers are popping up in the middle of nowhere from Alva to Kiowa

Another campground in the middle of Alva and Kiowa. The water source seems to be a tank. Finding places to camp is more challenging than it used to be with pipelines and wind farms being built. We all camp and some people are putting up campgrounds where they can to meet the demand.

Kyle cuts with the sun setting behind him

Kyle cuts as the sun sets behind him.

Kaidence says goodbye to Jodi Sugden of Sugden Harvesting

Jodi Sugden pays us a visit before heading out of town. Each day more and more harvesters pull out of Kiowa but there are still quite a few around too.

James in the combine

James chillaxing in his machine. He first joined us at this stop as he was at home finishing up some projects we left unfinished when we headed to Texas.

God bless this harvest

God Bless this Harvest! The wind is still crazy here. As Scott Brown of Brown Harvesting put it, “My pickup is the dirtiest it has ever been. You could plant a wheat field in it with all the dirt that is in it!” I couldn’t have put it better myself, Scott! Here the dirt masks the power lines making them look like crosses.

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