Emma: Crazy Week Part ll

Emma_thumbnailIn my previous post you know that I had a crazy week, now here is part two!

June 27th – Cutting is underway in Texas! The moisture is great, test weight is good, the bushels are fair (considering the drought and freezes), and the weather is okay, but I am wishing it was cooler. 104 degrees is not what I consider fun to work outside in. At least there is no humidity, which makes it bearable. Dan, August and I are taking turns driving the combine. Since there is not a whole lot of wheat to cut this year, it is a privilege to get to cut. The air conditioning is not a bad perk either! We cut around 80 acres and moved to three different fields. Not bad for one combine. The days are longer now because we have a 1.5 hour drive to and from the field.

My sister Katie and her family came to visit. We love having them around and they love riding in the combine. There are always a lot of questions being asked, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Emma: our way out to the field in the middle of nowhere Texas
On our way to the field greeted my Momma Cow and calf.

Emma: no mans land and we meet trucks
In the middle of nowhere Texas and we meet six trucks in a row.

Emma: texas wheat

Emma: Family
(Top Row L to R) August, Clara, Katie, Evie, Tim, baby Abigail,Mom, Dan and I. (Bottom L to R) Elizabeth, Lauren, Martha and Leslie.

Be safe and God bless!

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