Z Crew: the Move to Colorado and Family Time

headshot2Limon, Colorado: Being on the road and working day in and day out, there’s not much that stands out in the day to day routine. But the last week has been a memorable one!

We knew Curt, Jamie (sister) and Eli Hermesch were flying out to see us in Colorado on July 11th. The wheat didn’t care if that was the case, though. The way it worked out we didn’t know if we’d get to spend their first day in Colorado with them at all! We were able to pack up the trailer and leave Garden City, Kansas for Limon, Colorado on July 10th. After our company arrived the next day, Dad and I traveled back to Garden City for the combine and header. After a 5:30am wake up call to load the combine before the heat, Dad and I made it back late that afternoon with no traveling issues.

Saturday morning as we went about our morning routine there was a knock at the door. Mom answered and her jaw immediately dropped. Jenna, who had just been in Wisconsin for a farm show, drove out to Limon to see us! What an awesome surprise! With Mom and Dad trying to cut their first field with Maranville Farms, the rest of the Z Crew headed out to Colorado Springs for the day. The day was spent in and out of little shops around Manitou Spring, dodging rain drops, but we enjoyed every second of our time together.

Sunday afternoon, the whole crew went out to the field south of Matheson, Colorado. Eli enjoyed his very first combine ride and actually slept through most of it! The rest of the day was spent enjoying each other’s company. Monday came too soon and they all said goodbye to drive back to Nebraska. It was a hard goodbye, and I will admit I shed a few tears, but I have to remember Callie and I will be home in less than a month so she can start school August 15th!

huge shout out to Jenna for letting me use a few of her pictures for the post!

Z Crew: Sunrise over Tennis Elevator
Sunrise over Tennis Elevator

Z Crew: Eat Beef Keep Slim
I apologize for the poor light quality (it was about 5:30am) but I had to snap a picture of the livestock yard on the north side of Garden City that said “Eat Beef – Keep Slim.”

Z Crew: Settling Up on the Tailgate
Dad and Tim, our farmer in Garden City. Dad claims this was the quickest he’d ever “settled up” with a farmer.

Z Crew: 2 min. Business Deal
How many business deals do you suppose are signed over on the tailgate of a pickup truck?

Z Crew: Equipment to Colorado
The equipment ready to hit the road for Limon, Colorado.

Z Crew: Pray for Rain
Sharon Springs, Kansas and the neighboring communities are holding a Pray For Rain Campaign, turning to their faith in such a desperate time for the area.

Z Crew: Hermesch's at Garden of the Gods
Curt, Jamie and Eli Hermesch posed for a picture at the visitor center for the Garden of the Gods, west of Colorado Springs.

Z Crew: Taylor, Callie and Jenna at Garden of the Gods
Taylor, Callie and Jenna (the three amigos) were tickled to be together once again!

Z Crew: Sheriff Eli
Eli sports a Sheriff’s hat at the Garden of the Gods visitor center.

Z Crew: Eli's First Trailer House Bath
Eli’s first bath in the trailer house.

Z Crew: Crews in the Field
Z Crew and Maranville Farms make their way around the field.

Z Crew: Jim at the Elevator
Dad opens the tarp so he can dump the truck at the elevator.

Z Crew: Family in the Field
After years of trying and many miles of driving to visit, we all made it out to the field together as a family.

Z Crew: Tracy, Jamie and Eli in the Combine
Mom, Jamie and Eli took a round in the combine. Eli slept for most of the ride!

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