Z Crew: Montana Crops and County Fairs

headshot2Denton, Montana/Louisville, Nebraska: I’ll try as hard as I can not to confuse you. Last week, Callie and I left the harvest life to return home while Mom and Dad continued down the road to Denton, Mont. After a long week of travel for Mom and Dad, they’ve made it to their destination. Back here at home, Callie and I enjoyed the week at our first ever Cass County Fair.

In a round number, I think Mom and Dad travelled about 2,800 miles in between trips from Limon, CO to Denton, MT. Over those miles, everything ran smoothly and they thankfully didn’t have any issues. The trailer is parked and as of Friday or Saturday they have been in the field cutting. I’m not sure on what the crops are yielding, but I know it’s doing very well. The crop in Montana is a silver lining to the disappointing wheat we’d seen most of the summer.

Back here in Nebraska, Callie and I woke this morning and discussed the fact we’ve been home only a little over a week. I wish I could, but I can’t explain what it’s like to live two completely separate lives. About eight weeks ago Callie and I were living it up in Shattuck, Oklahoma without a care in the world and now Callie’s looking at starting her sophomore year of high school in a couple days.

Over the last week, Callie and I have stayed busy out at the local county fairgrounds. “Home-home” is about 2 miles from where all of the excitement happens every August and we’d never been a part of it. Well, this last week changed all of that. I had the opportunity to judge both Open Class Baked Goods and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest. Man, was that fun! Every night was spent with great friends enjoying the end to a fantastic summer. Can you believe it’s almost over? I can’t. At all.

I briefly talked to Mom this evening on the phone, but couldn’t get around to asking the yields through my tears (Yes, I miss my mommy). I’ll get ahold of her within the next fews days and get a better rundown on what the crop is doing!

Z Crew: Callie and Taylor - One More Picture
Mom: “Just ONE more picture, guys.”

Z Crew: Jim and Tracy on the Road
Mom and Dad did a little touring while the roads were closed for the Sturgis Bike Rally.

Z Crew: Unloading Equipment
Unloading the equipment outside of Denton, Montana.

Z Crew: Elevator Sunset
My mom takes some pretty awesome photos! All of the pictures from Montana are obviously from her.

Z Crew: No More Cutting On the Ground
The wheat up north looks pretty great. I hope the yields show it.

Z Crew: Open Class Baked Goods
This is a small example of all of the food I sampled at the fair for judging.

Z Crew: 4H Showing
I loved watching my friends show their animals for 4H!

Z Crew: Miss Cass County Contest
I enjoyed the opportunity to watch one of my good friends win the title of Miss Cass County!

Z Crew: the Midway
You could say I was like a little kid at the fair. All I wanted to do was look at the lights!

Z Crew: the Infamous Zipper
Everyone says the “Zipper” is the ride you HAVE to go on – I was too chicken. I had a hard time getting on the ferris wheel.

Z Crew: Taylor and a Friend Enjoy Cotton Candy
I am a little bit obsessed with cotton candy. Who doesn’t love fair food?!

Z Crew: Fair Parade
During the last day of the fair there was a large parade featuring the county’s fire trucks, ambulances, parade floats, and local marching bands.

Z Crew: Figure 8 Races at the Fair
I ended the evening with friends, watching the Figure 8 races. I had a lot of fun at my very first county fair!

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