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Jada_thumbnailUpon our arrival in Colby, Kan. Hoffman Harvesting had an extended wait to harvest. We initially were going to harvest wheat in Colby, but with the low yielding wheat- averaging around 10 -15 bu./ac.- we were unable to harvest. As many harvesters who parked at their normally scheduled spot in Colby, we were unfortunately there due to availabilty not necessity this year. We also skipped our next scheduled stop, Goodland, and headed straight to Limon, CO.

Once the wheat ripened, we were able to finally cut. The crop averaged around the 20’s and we couldn’t have been happier to be in the field. You can only have so much “fun” before you’re itching to get back in the field- and we were all more than ready to harvest! When we finished harvesting in Limon, we headed home to headquarters- Bowdle, SD- because we knew we would once again be waiting on the wheat. To our surprise, we were greeted with the color green- the wheat, row crops and grass was all green! After harvesting in places where the drought affected the crops we harvested, it was nice to see the state of the crops on our homefront. Upon a two week wait where we worked on our farm, (everyone always says there’s always something to do on the Hoffman Farm- so true!) we were able to cut. The yields were as satisfying in our area as they were anticipated to be averaging from the 50’s to 70’s.

Today, we moved to Regent and hearsay is the crop is great here where the hail didn’t hit and wheat is yielding up to 80 bu./ac. Ironically, we will not be able to go to our next scheduled stop- Rock Lake, ND- due to the area having too much moisture. As we always say, each year is always different. While drought has affected our run, I feel we are lucky to possibly make up lost acres with our fall harvest. This is something I am always grateful for our business to be able to fall back on. When driving the back roads in South Dakota, you will see a lot less wheat acres seeded. Several farmers have dedicated their acres to row crops instead. However, farmers are nervous because of the unseasonably cold August weather which felt a lot like fall harvest. Does this mean an early frost is imminent?  Hopefully this isn’t the case or the fall harvest which is highly anticipated as being wonderful as well could be affected.

Thanks to everyone who followed us on our run and to our sponsors- especially High Plains Journal and Syngenta. While this year hasn’t been a seamless year for Hoffman Harvesting, we have always learned that optimism is always needed in the Ag industry. Because things can always be worse right?! We are blessed to be doing what we love and working with wonderful people in this industry including our staff, our customers, harvest friends, and the businesses we patron.

All Aboard Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and Syngenta. Jada can be reached at

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