Jada: Celebrating our freedom and field action on the fifth

After sitting in Pratt and waiting for the wild weather to subside, we arrived in Colby, Kansas with high hopes of getting in the field. While our intentions were there, it just wasn’t in the cards. The culprit- wet wheat. And when I say wet, I mean just at tad too wet.

To bide our time, the Hoffman Harvesting crew did all the little things that don’t always get done when we are busy. Then in the late afternoon on the Fourth, we finally were able to commence our harvest in the Edson area.  Our success in the field was cut short with natures own fireworks show- a lighting storm- which produced enough rain to make us shut our machines down…. again. Despite having a late start on July 5th, we finally felt like we were able to do what we came to do- harvest.

We haven’t been able to get into a routine this summer due to rains. This seems to be a trend with several harvesters. While we can’t complain about the rain, it is nice to be back in the swing of things!
Happy Fourth of July

 Several flags flew proudly on the Fourth in Colby. Who can resist a flag photo on the Fourth!?!?

Hanging out with Harvest friend Billy of C and K Harvesting

Hanging out with harvest friend, Billy of C and K Harvesting.

Clouds show rain is possible

Clouds at suppertime on the 4th proved that rain was possible. Thankfully when the rain fell, it was just a sprinkle.

Combine line up

Finally some field action on the Fifth of July!

Moving to a new field

Moving to a new field. One field finished!

Harvesting while dumping on the go

And some more action…..

For once conditions are perfect for harvesting

And some more action…… Yes, we are happy to be back in the field!

Nice wheat 70 bushels per acre wheat

This is the best wheat we have cut all summer. While it did receive some hail, the field is averaging in the 70’s thus far.

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