Z Crew: Sitting, Sitting and More Sitting

headshot2Limon, CO: I tell you what…When you get into the routine of doing nothing, you really get into that routine. Sunday night the rain began and hadn’t stopped until yesterday. Callie and I are used to hanging out around the trailer house by ourselves, but for some reason when you add Mom and Dad into the equation, lazy hits a whole new level.

The wheat we have here in Limon was able to stay out of the hail over the last week, but many farmers didn’t get so lucky. But here I sit looking at the week ahead of projected record highs and perfect wheat-drying days! Mom and Dad hope to get back into the field tomorrow afternoon! I know Dad is starting to get pretty antsy about heading north. The wheat around Garfield County, Mont. could be ready within the next week and a half.

Wednesday night provided the most entertainment we’ve had over the last five days. We loaded up and headed west to Colorado Springs for the evening. Rain hindered us from taking a trip into the mountains, but a night spent with good friends at Bass Pro was just what we needed!

Tomorrow morning Callie and I will be on our way to the Denver airport to pick up our big sister, Jamie, and our nephew, Eli. We are all more than excited for the company! Jamie’s husband Curt will be driving down within the week with their pop-up camper.

Z Crew: There it is.
This is the first round of ominous clouds that we’ve seen over the last week.

Z Crew: Bass Pro.
As it rained 1 inch/hour in the mountains and the roads remained closed, we directed our afternoon to Bass Pro in Colorado Springs.

Z Crew: the Adults
The farmer’s family/crew met us for dinner at Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill for a fun evening.

Z Crew: Crazies
And here are the crazy kiddos! They’re so much fun!

The youngest three devoured their dessert. And it looked so good that the older three had to order one too!

Z Crew: Goin' on a Hike
We each had to take turns trying on the huge hiking backpacks.

Z Crew: the Kiddos
All the “kids” had a fun and very memorable night with family and harvest family.

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