All Aboard Harvest | Z Crew: Limon, Colo.
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Z Crew: Limon, Colo.

headshot2Limon, CO: You know what I love about Eastern Colorado? The weather. It can reach almost 100 degrees by noon and then by 8pm you need to wear a sweatshirt. That’s one thing we’ve all learned this week…never leave the house without a hoodie!

Jamie (the oldest Z girl) and my nephew, Eli, flew in to Denver on Saturday morning. It’s been a blast having them around! Eli loves anything with wheels and cannot get enough of the trucks and “go-go’s” in the field. Jamie’s husband Curt will be joining us this later this week.

We sat all of last week but this week will definitely make up for our lost time. Mom and Dad have been able to get into the field by noon and have cut until at least 9pm the last few nights. The wheat they’re working on right now isn’t doing as well as the first few fields. It’s averaging around 50-60 bushels per acre but no one’s going to complain about that!

The farmer we’re working for, along with all sons, wives, kids, nephews, and friends come out during harvest time around here. I work along side the wives to prepare the meals every night. From enchiladas to fried chicken, everyone working in the field is guaranteed to finish off the night with a full belly!

90+ degree weather is expected through the week and we’re looking to get a lot of acres cut during that time span. Here’s to hoping this dry weather spell keeps up!

Z Crew: trucks lined up
Before dinner on Saturday night the trucks sat lined up on the dirt road waiting for grain.

Z Crew: supper with the crew
The number of vehicles in the field makes it look like a parking lot!

Z Crew: serving up supper
Linda, the farmer’s wife, serves up enchiladas on Saturday night.

Z Crew: Eli watching the "go-go"
Eli absolutely loved watching the combines move to the new field.

Z Crew: the green ones
Saturday night I rode in the combine with Mom. I’m not sure how I feel about those green combines yet…

Z Crew: late night pow-wow
As it reached nearly 11:30pm and all the trucks were full of wheat, the crew congregated in the field and discussed their day’s work.

Z Crew: Grandma and Eli
Sunday afternoon, Jamie, Eli and I went out to the field to ride in the “go-go’s.” Grandma was more than excited to share her cab for the day with Eli.

Z Crew: Grandma, Jamie and Eli
Mom, Jamie and Eli ride in the go-go.

Z Crew: the yellow beast
The yellow beast makes rounds in the field.

Z Crew: studying the grain
I spent my afternoon in the tractor and grain cart with the farmer’s nephew, Chanse. Here you can see Scott, one of the farmer’s sons, taking a close up look at the wheat as it’s dumped in the truck.

Z Crew: afternoon pow-wow
Have you noticed that these pow-wows are a common thing? After they finished the first field of the day, everyone gathered to discuss the next move.

Z Crew: Bubba checkin' trucks
Taking after his dad, Wesley climbs up onto the truck to watch the tractor and grain cart dump.

Z Crew: disperse after dinner
After a filling dinner, the crew heads back to their combines, trucks and tractor for another late night of cutting wheat.

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