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Emma: Experiments

EmmaMisener Family Harvesters is working on antique machinery this summer. My Dad was an avid collector/restorer of these machines and so is my brother, Dan. We are working on a few of them in the shop. It is actually going rather smoothly considering that most of these tractors are 50 plus years old, and some have not run in the past ten years.

One tractor had its engine locked up for at least the past nine years. We have tried everything in the book aside from splitting the tractor, which is quite the process. We split the tractor in two, right down the middle. We have special stands that hold up the middle of the tractor so everything stays where it should. Instead of taking the time to split it, we are experimenting! It is a two-cylinder tractor. It is next to impossible to try and get penetrating oil into these horizontal cylinders to knock them loose. Here is where the experimenting comes in.

Emma: Experiment

Emma: Experiment

Emma: Experiment
Austin hoisting up the front end.

Emma: Experiment
Dan securing the safety chains.

Emma: Experiment

Emma: Experiment
Dan and I pouring the “knock ‘er loose” into where the cylinders are.

As you can see from the picture, we have hoisted up the front end of the tractor in  an attempt to let gravity run down into the cylinders. We have attached a safety chain to hold it in case the first chain gives way. To get it higher on end, we have let air out of the tires. Next time, it might be easier just to remove them. Trial by fire I guess.

So far it seems to be working! We filled the cylinders with about four inches of lubricant about a week ago. Today, there is only about an inch. Thankfully it is beginning to loosen the cylinders. Maybe we will use this technique in the future?

Emma: Experiment

Thank goodness we have the tools to get the job done. My Dad and Grandpa always said, “work smarter, not harder!”

Be safe and God bless!

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  • Dennis Fox
    Posted at 16:28h, 04 August

    We saw this article in High Plains Journal. Do you work on other tractors. We have a 8430 John Deere 4 wheel drive, 1975 model which needs some work done on it.