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Z Crew: Back in the Groove

headshot2Jordan, MT: Monday morning we hit the road headed north. That day we made it as far as Scottsbluff, Neb. We parked the equipment and set up camp for the night. Tuesday we hit the road around 7am and made it as far as Miles City, Mont. We were so close but we all agreed stopping for the night would be the best choice considering how tired everyone was.

Wednesday morning Chanse, who pulled the header for us, headed back to Colorado. The fair back home is this week and he wanted to be there to watch his little brother show his steer. The rest of the caravan hit the road to Jordan and arrived around 10:30am. Dad and Callie hopped back in the pickup after the trailer house was set up and drove back to Miles City to pick up the header.

Although they got a later start in the day, Mom and Dad got 140 acres of wheat cut outside of Jordan on Thursday. Considering how little rain they’ve had around here the wheat is doing well at 35 bushels per acre. They hauled off 3 semi loads to the bins. Jordan is unique in the fact that there isn’t a grain elevator in town. The wheat is either put in bins or hauled off by trucks. The weather looks like it will continue to be hot and dry for the duration of the week so Mom and Dad can get the wheat around here harvested with no problems.

Callie and I may be heading back home around the middle of next week. It’s crazy to think how fast this summer has flown by. We haven’t even been on the road for a month yet. Callie will start her junior year of high school on August 14th. I think they start earlier and earlier every year. I won’t begin my sophomore year of college until after Labor Day.

Things have definitely seemed to slow down since we left Limon but Mom and Dad are working as hard as ever to harvest that wheat and get down the road.

Z Crew: Colorado!
We were blessed with great weather and the perfect southern wind to push us north!

Z Crew: Nebraska!
It’s weird driving through Nebraska and being back in our home state! Even if it is only for an evening…

Z Crew: State Line
We stopped on the WY/MT state line for a quick pow-wow.

Z Crew: Montana!
Me, Callie and Chanse took advantage of the down time for a quick state line selfie!

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