Emma: Good morning, All Aboard!

emmaWelcome back avid All Aboard Wheat Harvest followers and all who are new to this way of life! I am so glad to return for the 2015 harvest season. I cannot wait to make you a part of my family, crossing the United States in a combine, harvesting grain that feeds the world. I am an #AGvocate for agriculture, and if you aren’t already, I hope to change your mind by the end of the summer season. Everyone needs a doctor, lawyer, and policeman once in their life and a preacher once a week, but every day, three times a day, we need a farmer! I am so happy I am able to contribute to such an important part of this world.

A little refresher course in case you are new to this wonderful world. My name is Emma Misener. I am 27 years old, working with my family to help feed the world. I started on the floor of the combine with my crayons and paper, started driving at 10 years old, then began to train hired men to do the same at 15. I grew up on the farm, I work on the farm, and I am never leaving the farm. Every summer Mom, brother Dan and I pack up the camper, load the combines and head for the wheat field. We travel from farm to farm, harvesting different wheat acres from Oklahoma to North Dakota. When the summer ends, we make our way back south harvesting corn and soybeans until November. My dad, Ron Misener, started Misener Family Harvesters back in the 70s when he returned home from serving our country in Vietnam. He met the farmer’s daughter, my mom, Kristy, and the rest became history. He too was an AGvocate for agriculture and was an avid member of the U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc.. God called him home in December 2010, but we are determined to continue his legacy. Some people think we’re crazy, others fascinated, but to us, it’s just a way of life. We wouldn’t have it any other way. I truly believe if you have a ‘”job” you love, you won’t work a day in your life. Harvesting is not without its hardships, trials, tribulations, or the constant worry of making ends meet, but as a family we lean on God and each other to make it through no matter what life may throw at us. I believe if we follow God’s plan for our life and work as hard as we can, we can’t be anything but happy.17168409704_60da2ab078_o

I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say and hope to answer as many questions as possible this year on AAWH. Thank you for following Misener Family Harvesters and other harvest bloggers. I’ll see you down the dusty trail!

Be safe and God bless!

All Aboard Wheat Harvest™ is sponsored by High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture. Emma can be reached at emma@allaboardharvest.com.


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