The checklist: Inspect, repair, get field ready.

Usually this checklist would have been completed by now, especially since it is already June. If you are a farmer, you know that circumstances change everything! Plans change.
If you follow my family and me, you know that during the winter months we repair our own combines and equipment, as well as surrounding farmers’ machinery. There has not been much of that repair going on these past few years with the drought, but we want to make sure our machines are in top notch condition so there are no major breakdowns. You can never go a harvest season without a breakdown or two, but we are trying to avoid at least the big ones that take a whole day or two to repair.

Emma: Workin' on combines
These are inspection sheets we use to inspect the combines. They show every nook and cranny in a 9600 John Deere machine.

Emma: Workin' on combines
Sometimes we have to improvise!

Emma: Workin' on combines
Emma: Workin' on combines
I usually write down what’s wrong and Dan does the “actual” inspecting. 

Be safe and God bless!

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