Introducing. . . The Combine Cam

By Holly Martin
High Plains Journal editor

Do you ever wish you could ride along in the cab of the combine with one of our All Aboard harvest crews? Today is the day you can make that happen. You can now follow along LIVE by watching our live streaming Combine Cam.

We have mounted a video camera in the New Holland combine cab of the Z Crew. It broadcast live what is happening in the Zeorian Harvesting combine. In fact, I’m watching now as Jim Zeorian works his way through a field in Kansas. But don’t take my word for it–go look for yourself.

You all know and love The Z Crew. The Zeorian family been with us from the beginning. Their daughter, Jenna, was the first correspondent from the family and now Taylor does the blogging.

The thing I love the most about All Aboard Wheat Harvest, is that we can bring harvest to you–even if you are sitting at your desk in Alaska. Even if you are from Texas and wheat harvest is over. Even if you are a farmer from South Dakota, wondering how fast the crop is progressing south of you. No matter what the situation, you can feel as though you’re riding along with the custom harvesting crews.

Now, the experience will be even more realistic. Of course there will be days of rain. There will be days when machinery breaks down (Note to Z Crew: I hope not, and don’t curse me for jinxing you!) And there will be days where the Internet service just isn’t all that great. But that’s the way harvest goes, isn’t it? And we know that you know that. It’s all a part of the real experience of wheat harvest. (Except for the Internet thing. That’s a new one.)

A huge thank you goes out to the Kiowa County Media Center, who helped us get the Combine Cam up and running, technically speaking. Another huge thank you goes to the Z Crew who is experimenting with new technology and has received 657 texts, emails and phone calls from us. New Holland and High Plains Journal are excited to bring this new way to experience harvest to you.

Do us a favor? Visit the Combine Cam and share it with your friends–and not just your farmer friends, but the friends who have never had the experience of sitting in a combine cab, watching the golden fields of grain take their first steps toward the slice of bread on the table.

Maybe, just maybe, they will understand a little bit better what goes into the process.

All Aboard Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture. You can contact Holly at


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