The balance

Limon, Colorado—The whole gang’s here and I don’t think we’ve had this much fun in a really long time. It’s like harvest back in 2004! The sisters lounge at the pool, braid each other’s hair, paint nails and kill time at the local shops.

On harvest there’s a balance between family and harvest. Our No. 1 source of family time comes from dinner in the field. Someone will make the main dish, someone will make a couple sides and someone will make dessert. The women will deliver the meal to the field while the working crew finishes a round and parks for a few minutes to scarf down the food. Work is important…really important. But family time is important, too.

We’ve always put an importance on eating meals as a family. Some of my favorite memories are of the family sitting around the table back home finishing a meal, pushing our plates to the center of the table and spending the next three or four hours laughing so hard we cry.

The food brings everyone together and for some reason it always tastes better in a wheat field.

Z Crew: Limon Crew
We’re the minority among these green combines.

Z Crew: Ga and E
Jenna grabbed Eli and my camera and hopped in the combine with Ma. Thanks for the pictures, Jen!

Z Crew: new combine driver
Eli will probably be taking over the business in the next eight years.

Z Crew: E!
Such a little model.

Z Crew: Nora Grace
Nora Grace is a ball of nose-scrunching smiles.

Z Crew: little farmer
Eli can’t get enough of the “broom brooms.”


Z Crew: E and Nena
E and Nena (Jenna) watching the combines come in.

Z Crew: dinner with the crew
One field breaks for family time while another works away.

Z Crew: watchin' the combines go by
The kiddos waited for about 10 minutes to watch the combine across the road drive by.

Z Crew: bye Nena
Jenna hopped in with the crew across the road. 😉

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