emmaThis year’s Oklahoma wheat harvest was not without its obstacles. The last few days of cutting, I got stuck twice! The first time I was able to unload onto the grain cart and push my way through without the extra weight of the grain to hold me back. Elizabeth was riding with me for this one and wanted to stand in the tracks to see how deep it was. I sank about a foot to the bottom of the rim, but I managed to push through once Dan unloaded me.

Emma: Triticale and MudEmma: Triticale and Mud

The second time I was not so fortunate. This particular field I was cutting near the bottom where water was standing. I had just unloaded onto the grain cart and was nearly empty when the combine found a sink hole. In these situations, there is nothing to do except pull. We grabbed the tow strap from the tractor, attached it to the back of the grain cart and pulled on the back of the combine at about a 20 degree angle, and it popped right out. I was in the combine, Dan in the cart, and Liz was the communicator between the two of us, as well as the photographer. Thanks, Liz!
Emma: Stuck & CleaningEmma: Stuck & Cleaning
I was nearly halfway up the rim of the tire. Pictures never depict the way it really was. Back to harvesting I went and never got stuck again! (The combine kinda blends in with the trees. Look on the right side of the treeline.)

The grain cart was not without its own obstacles. Western Oklahoma’s ground is pretty sandy. A nearly full grain cart + going uphill on sandy ground = trouble! Thankfully we were able to wiggle it out and solve our problem.
Emma: Stuck & Cleaning

This is the farmer whose field we were stuck in. Mike is a great guy to work with. Always ready, willing and able to help out when need be and is a hoot to boot! Thanks, Mike, for your friendship. It’s a pleasure to work for you!
Emma: Stuck

Not only was mud an obstacle, but this big buck lost an antler in the field. Thankfully it was caught in the sickle and not stuck in the tire. I can’t believe it did not hurt the sickle at all. I didn’t even have to change a section. It really makes you think how powerful the cutter bar really is. It also makes you think of how easily we can forget how important safety is. If it can cut through bone, it can take your finger.
PLEASE remember to be careful out there. Safety first!
Emma: Triticale and MudEmma: Triticale and Mud

Be safe and God bless!

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