Northern Montana

All Aboard Wheat Harvest Laura HaffnerCut Bank, Montana—The crew with Mark is now approximately 35 miles northwest of Cut Bank. That’s just shy of Canada, folks! Mark reports that there is unpredictable cell phone service and no stations come in on either the A.M. or F.M. radio! However, the XM Radio advertisement station does come in.

Mark says the field they are on is averaging just shy of 80 bushels per acre. They’ve battled a few breakdowns recently but were able to get everything back in gear. I guess when machines have run from Texas to the Canadian border, something is bound to happen.  We’re thankful that while these have been annoying (especially where we’re so close to the end), we have been able to avoid something extremely major.

Ryan reported tonight that he talked to the farmer near Garrison, North Dakota, and it sounds like they may need to be ready to try it as early as this weekend.

HPH-July 2015


HPH - July 2015

Albert and Wian doing some truck repairs.

HPH - July 2015

Combine maintenance (and supervision?)!

HPH - July 2015

Food time!

HPH - July 2015

Thanks to Jill Tustin for submitting the photos above from her time in Montana! 

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