Working on a Customer’s Combine

Elk City, Ok — Misener Family Harvesters has not only been working on our own combines to get ready for the 2016 harvest, but also surrounding customer’s equipment. This particular one needed some pretty heavy-duty repairs. The walkers near the rear of the machine had worn some holes in the sheet metal and needed to be taken out to be welded and repaired. This is a time-consuming process and takes hard work. We got the job done and it will soon be on the way to the field. Here’s a few pictures of the whole process from beginning to end.

Emma:customer repair

(L to R) Dan, Liz, Clara, and Elizabeth running wrenches. First, we have to take the chopper off of the combine to access the walkers. Then, all of the walkers need to come out of the back of the combine. This requires more than one person. They weight a little over 200 pounds a piece, and are about 15 feet long.


Emma:customer repair

There are five walkers all together. Once we got them all out of the combine, we welded them where they needed it, which was a lengthy process.


Emma:elk city repairs

Here’s an example of a patch we put on.

Emma:customer repair

Here, Elizabeth is putting the parts back together that hold the walkers in place. We later replaced these parts with new ones that are grease-less, making everyday maintenance an easier and faster task.


Emma:customer repair

Leslie and his Momma, Liz, were the lucky ones to get the job of going into the center of the combine. The walkers are attached at the back and the front of the combine. There’s only one way to reach the front connecting pieces- you gotta get in there! A man can get in where Leslie is, but it is extremely tight, and he has to lay on rigid pieces making it very uncomfortable. He is small enough that he could sit in-between them making his job a bit easier. What a good little volunteer! It was hard, but he did a great job.


Emma:customer repair


In this video, Clara is the lucky one to time the walkers. This is the final step. They need to be timed so that they don’t work against each other and end up outside of the combine! Who knew the combine had an elliptical?! Finally the job is complete and the walkers are like new again.

Be safe and God bless!

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