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Cheyenne, Oklahoma – On the afternoon of June 10th we had the privilege of welcoming four guys from the Boys Town Ranch in Edmond, Oklahoma- a ministry of the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. It is always neat to have a chance to educate anyone on what goes on during harvest, but especially some young, eager minds.

Group Picture

Our group picture.

The “10 Acre Challenge” is a fundraising campaign for the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. Mike Williams is the campaign coordinator, and was also the boys’ chaperone for the day. The “10 Acre Challenge” encourages producers to donate 10 acres of crop production to the program. Of course, if you are not a producer there are many other opportunities to support this important cause.

10 Acre Challenge

10 Acre Challenge.

Mike shared with us about the welding program that is offered at the ranch. They’re educating boys on the importance of having a “skill.” There seems to be such an emphasis on attending college after high school, and frankly that is just not for everyone. The ranch is doing a great job of opening the boys’ eyes to other opportunities that will offer them many successes in life. I love that the boys got to see the wide range of skills that are needed on a harvest crew.

MacDon Support

They looked at the combine header.

Combine Tour

Our crew gave them a combine tour.

Grain Cart

Taking a ride in the grain cart.

Unloading the grain cart

Unloading the grain cart.


Entertainment in the field.

We really enjoyed having these guys hang out with us for the afternoon. Maybe joining a harvest crew is in their future? Also, a big thanks to Laremy and Jon from our crew for helping to show them the ropes.

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