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Lindsey: A Quick Harvest at Home

OBHC group photo

We had a great visit with some kiddos from the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children!

Hemphill County, Texas – We have had a little bit of everything going on around here lately- moving cattle, hauling cattle, planting cotton, custom farming…you name it!  We were finally able to kick off our harvest season.  We also have the privilege of hosting a great group of guys from the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.

Hemphill County, TX

Hemphill County, Texas- We were glad to finally get the combines in the field.

Our first harvest stop was West of Durham, Oklahoma in Hemphill County, Texas.  This is wheat that we grow and we felt very fortunate to have any wheat to harvest, as many of our friends and neighbors suffered from significant drought and hail damage.  We knew we were not looking at a bumper crop by any means, but have been pretty pleased with the outcome. Yields have been in the mid-20’s, 61.5 pound test weight and 13.4% protein. It seemed just as soon as we were up and running, we were done!

One last photo before they head out.

A quick photo before they head back home.

On June 9th we were glad to welcome the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.  The guys were eager to get in the tractor and combines- and we just loved that.  During their visit, John Deere Harvest Support stopped by to take a look at the guidance system on one of our machines.  The timing could not have been more perfect!  One of the boys was particularly interested in computer technology, and for him to get to see the technician plug his laptop into the combine just made my heart happy!  He also took the time to visit with the boys about the role John Deere Harvest Support plays on the harvest trail.

John Deere Harvester Works visiting with the guys.

The guys had a great opportunity to see first-hand the vital role that John Deere Harvester Works plays in harvest season.

I would like to thank all of the guys on our crew- Jason, Jon, Jim, Danny and Cody- for taking the time to show the boys the ropes. Thanks also to Jim, Don and Mike for bringing the boys out to our neck of the woods.  We truly enjoyed our time with them.

Danny giving a quick rundown on the combine.

Danny giving a quick rundown on the combine.

Dumping the grain cart.

Dumping the grain cart onto a grain trailer

I would encourage you to check out the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children website: www.obhc.org. They care for over 200 residents at their facilities. The opportunities they provide to these boys are incredible and they could always use your help!

Planting some milo near Roll, Oklahoma

Jason planting milo near Roll, Oklahoma.

Our new boss!

Ivy finally had a chance to show her daddy how it’s done!

All Aboard Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and John Deere.  Lindsey can be reached at lindsey@allaboardharvest.com.

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