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Lindsey: Home is Where You Park Your Camper

Lodgepole, Nebraska – The harvest trail can offer so many uncertainties.  For me, our camper is about the only constant, for sure thing we’ve got…it’s home.  I think having two little ones in-tow makes it that much more of a necessity.  I’ll be the first to admit that they are much more resilient than me, but I do think having your own bed, your own toys, your own space makes this lifestyle much more doable for everyone.


Lindsey, Mason and Ivy in Bird CIty, Kansas

We spent the first several weeks of harvest “homeless.”  Our camper had a few issues that needed to be addressed and what was thought to be a quick fix turned into a 3 week long stint in the shop. Our first 2 stops in Buffalo, OK and McDonald, KS were spent in hotels.  Let me tell you, that is nowhere near as glamorous at it may seem!


The Bison Inn in McDonald, Kanasas – this was such a cool building that could tell many stories, I’m sure!

When our crew moved from McDonald, KS to Lodgepole, Nebraska the kids and I went back to Oklahoma for a few days to wait for our camper to get finished up. The timing couldn’t have been better because as soon as we made it back to Nebraska, the rain moved in.  I was so thankful to have our home with us! Unfortunately, the rain decided to hang around the area.  For about every two good days of cutting weather, we have also been down for a day or two waiting for the ground and crops to dry down.


Loaded up and headed to Lodgepole, Nebraska

Sadly, the crops in this area were hit with hail storms in the recent weeks causing many acres to be lost and the fields that were still standing took a hit to their yields.  It definitely makes you thankful for every acre your machine goes across!  We have seen yields ranging from 20 bushels an acre to 60 bushels an acre. Test weights have been between 58 pounds and 62 pounds, and the protein has ranged from 9.5% up to 12%.  In addition to wheat, we have also cut field peas and triticale.

20180723_220801 (1)

Cutting wheat near Dalton, Nebraska


Sidney, Nebraska – Our junior harvest crew. The clouds brewing in the background have been a common sight.

We are hoping to get wrapped up here in the next few days so we can make the long journey to Hardin, Montana.


Near Dalton, Nebraska


Unloading the grain cart near Dalton, Nebraska


Storm clouds brewing near Sidney, Nebraska


Stripping triticale near Dalton, Nebraska


Triticale harvest near Dalton, Nebraska


Sidney, Nebraska – Nebraska is never lacking for beautiful scenery!


Dalton, Nebraska – It doesn’t get much better than this!


Our first meal in the camper: chicken spaghetti from the Magnolia Market cookbook


I’m not sure I have ever been so excited to have a sink full (VERY full) of clean dishes!


Wheat harvest near Lodgepole, Nebraska

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