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Lindsey: Happy trails

It’s wild to think that summer is quickly coming to a close already!  I think I expected it to go a little slower since we spent the majority of it at home … but that just hasn’t been the case.

We spent two full weeks of July in Northwest Kansas—the first week was spent in WaKeeney and the second in McDonald.  Our time on the road was short and sweet, but we were fortunate to be able to work non-stop in that time- even on our move days.  As always, we were so thankful for every single acre that we were able to run across.

Something else we are beyond thankful for is our crew:  Jim, Hayes and Jon.  I also can’t leave out our junior crew: Luke and Mason.  I know finding help is a struggle faced by many operations, and we’ve had our fair share of struggles over the years, too.  Having reliable and knowledgeable employees is something we don’t take for granted.  We certainly couldn’t do this without them!

After our harvest stops in Kansas, we returned home and resumed farm duties.  We spent lots of time servicing and checking irrigation wells.  The rain that was so relentless in May and June was nowhere to be seen as summer progressed.  We’ve certainly been grateful to be home to stay on top of that.  We were also fortunate to make a quick trip to Red River, New Mexico before school started up again.

We’re definitely in a “wait and see” mode as far as our custom harvest business goes.  I think this summer worked out perfectly for us.  In the meantime, we’ll soon be planting wheat and gearing up for cotton harvest.  We’ll weigh our options as next summer approaches to see what makes the most sense for our operation—financially and logistically.

I’ve enjoyed sharing a small glimpse into our operation this summer.  I just love the diversity that All Aboard Wheat Harvest’ correspondents are able to offer its readers.  Happy trails to you!

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Photo Credit: Lindsey Orgain


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