All Aboard Harvest | Laura: Ohhhh-klahoma
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Laura: Ohhhh-klahoma

West central Oklahoma: To all Oklahoma readers, sorry about the title.  The song has been in my head all week and I just couldn’t help myself. I’m guessing you get about as tired of hear references to the musical as we Kansans do about Dorothy, Toto, and tornados! 

So how is Ohhhklahoma going? Sorry, last time.  Really. 

Well, someone is missing their 20 inch aluminum wheel in southern Oklahoma. How do we know? We found it. With our header. When cutting near the road. Our team member was doing the best he could in thick straw and good wheat. It just wasn’t visible.  The header is back in business, however, the visible scars remain as well as time and money spent on repairs and down time. 

The crew has been running hard since we started cutting. The rain has turned off so it has been full steam ahead. That’s a good thing because with these warm temperatures and the wind, wow, the wind, things continue to ripen rapidly. We saw decent yields in Oklahoma and, at last tally, yield averages were hovering in the 40s. Test weights were really strong and in the 60s. Protein is sitting around 10 to 11. That’s pretty solid considering some of the weather and late season freezes that were floating around these past months.  

One of my favorite memories from Oklahoma this year was getting a hug from our farmer’s wife. Seeing her open her arms for a hug never felt so good. It reminded me of how little outside interaction and touch has happened these past months. With the current environment we find ourselves in, we are all in a state of confusion about how to greet one another. For a split second, it was all forgotten in that squeeze. We have had the opportunity to cut for this family for years and it is always good to see them, especially this year knowing all our families were well and healthy. You can argue whether that embrace was a good choice or not, but it reiterated to me how much we need each other and we need community. I don’t know about you, but I will forever see these types of caring interactions in a different light after the events of the past few months. 

High Plains Harvesting 2020
The infamous wheel.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
When the girl can’t make it to the gym, she practices beam on the header trailer.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Team work! The children are old enough now to take an interest in the details of crew life. Here they are trying to ratchet down a strap after some of the team members showed them how.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
I wish I was young again! Lady A runs joyfully through the stubble.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Moving to the next field.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Heading off into the sunset.

High Plains Harvesting 2020
Evening is always my favorite time for harvest.

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  • Tom Stegmeier
    Posted at 21:28h, 24 June

    Laura . I hear you on picking up interesting things in a wheat field ,we farmed next to two major intersections in the Peace River country of Alberta . ,the best find was a twenty dollar bill on a harrow tooth !! Give Little Man & Lady A a big hug , Work Safe !!

    • Laura Haffner
      Posted at 10:07h, 25 June

      Great story! I sure wish it was a $20 bill and not a expense we picked up! LOLOL!