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Laura: Eat, sleep, cut, repeat

Oklahoma–Once the rain cleared up in Texas, we had a stretch of strong cutting conditions. It was truly a time of eat, sleep, cut, repeat for the crew. Unseasonably warm temperatures in the 100s, in mid-June, stretched across the plains causing wheat to ripen quickly across a wide region. As a result, we had to split our crew three ways. Thankfully, the experience of the team allowed us to do so and we were able to make our stops. Yields in northern Oklahoma were in the 50-bushel per acre range with test weights hovering around 61 to 62 pounds.

A highlight for the children, through this stretch, was that they got to take one of their cousins on the road with us. We brought her to a couple of our favorite northern Oklahoma stops including Alabaster Caverns State Park and the Salt Plains. She even helped dish up a field meal. We had intentions of having her ride in the machines, but a poorly timed rainstorm prevented us from getting back into the field. She learned that flexibility is a big part of harvest as I’m not sure how many times our plans changed that weekend. She was already a go-with-the-flow kind of kid, so she fit right in.

The adventure begins. Let’s get this party started.

I’m a wildcat through and through, but I have to agree with Pistol Pete on this one.

This was the temperature on June 20. It was a little hot for that time of the year.

It was much cooler down in the cave though. Here they are squeezing through a tight space on the trail.

Retirees watching over the harvest.

The MacDon headers made their debut for the first time this season in northern Oklahoma.

What a gal. She hopped right in to help serve a field meal. It was nice to have a fourth pair of hands.

The kids exploring the salt plains.

While it was a bummer the weather caused her to miss a ride in the combine, the bonus of the rain was that her Uncle Ryan had a few extra hours to hang out.

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