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Christy: Thankful for US Custom Harvesters, Inc.

One of our sponsors this year for All Aboard Fall Harvest is US Custom Harvesters, Inc. USCHI is an organization that began in 1983 and represents and promotes the harvesting industry and those who harvest. Members are harvesters who do not only grain harvest but also work in cotton and forage harvesting. Associate members are made up of companies who provide products and services to harvesters. Between these groups, they rally one time a year during the USCHI convention to share new ideas, products, and equipment and machinery, and advancements in technology.

Photo by Larry Schroeder, Harvest Convention 2021

(Photo by Larry Schroeder, Harvest Convention 2021.)

Convention for USCHI is incredibly busy in the months leading up to the annual event held in different hosting cities throughout the Midwest usually the last week in January. Besides a showroom floor with every type of harvest equipment and technology available, there are also keynote speakers, entertainment, workshops, informative government regulation forums, and children’s activities with a children’s Ag Safety Day. An auction is also held one of the evenings to raise money for USCHI’s Scholarship programs. There’s a little something for everyone to be involved in.

Photo by Larry Schroeder, Harvest Convention 2021

(Photo by Larry Schroeder, Harvest Convention 2021.)

Photo by Larry Schroeder, Harvest Convention 2021

(Photo by Larry Schroeder, Harvest Convention 2021.)

USCHI provides resources to not only harvesters and their members, but to farmers in need of finding a harvester. Farmers can call 620-200-1381 or email office@usschi.com with acres available, then Mandi Sieren, operations manager at USCHI, will send out an email with all the information so harvesters can bid with farmers directly for the job.

If you have a desire to experience the harvest run, whether it is to gain experience running equipment, or to gain references on a resume for future ag related careers, you can use USCHI as a tool to find options. Experience isn’t necessary to apply. You can click on the very first picture banner at uschi.com and post your information for members to login and view.

After speaking and emailing with Mandi, she shared what USCHI does for harvesters and farmers, and also for the farming community as a whole. She says, “It’s important for all of us to understand farming and harvesting so the world realizes that food doesn’t come from a grocery store. A lot of work was put into it to get it on the shelves.” A big thank you to Mandi for spending her time answering questions and contributing to this article.

USCHI is an excellent source to work with, and I can speak from experience. With networking becoming a crucial part of conducting business, USCHI has given us avenues to explore new technology, engage in new customers, and communicate with key companies who provide equipment and services to our business.

As for our crews harvesting now, we’re in some rainy conditions. We are getting towards the end of our bean harvest and will soon be strictly picking corn. As harvest continues to be underway, though paused currently, we are happy to get acres covered, and farmers closer to being finished for the year.


(Photo by Christy Paplow.)

Christy Paplow can be reached at christy@allaboardharvest.com.

All Aboard Fall Harvest is brought to you by Pivot Bio, Western Equipment, John Deere, Unverferth Manufacturing and US Custom Harvesters.


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