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Kimberly: Winding down

We all finally got going after a little over a week-long delay. The fields are a little muddy but we have gotten use to that in years past. The two combines that were in Esmond, North Dakota, finished and moved home. We stopped at a neighbor’s field and cut 50 acres for him since he was on our way home.

There is one combine left in the Jamestown area cutting beans and the other three that were there have finished their jobs. Two of them were brought home to run on the beans around here. We finally got to start again on Thursday but it was very short lived as we are sitting again due to another shot of rain. We are hopeful it will be dry in a few days and we can get all of the beans done for the year.

We are still running 3 machines on corn in Westhope, North Dakota, and should wrap up there by the weekend. The corn is averaging about 120 bushels an acre with a moisture of 17%.

Roger has gone a little further south and is now in Logan, Kansas, combining milo with Justin Ashmore of A-Team Harvesting 2. The milo is averaging 75 bushels an acre. He still has some corn left in Grant, Nebraska, and will stop and do it on his way back to North Dakota.

Milo in Logan, Kansas. (Photo by Dontavious Lockett.)

Our fall harvest is starting to wrap up so we have decided to start cleaning up the crew campers that are home so they are done by the time the rest of them get back. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I cleaned up one camper and will start on another one this week.  I am still slowly working on my camper as I am not ready to say goodbye to the harvest season yet. This is always a bittersweet time of the year but I know we are all ready for a little down time.

The moon was absolutely beautiful and the camper was positioned just perfect. (Photo by Kimberly Neumiller.)


Once all of our customers are done, we will start bringing the machines home and do our own corn and get them all cleaned up and do some maintenance on them before we put them away for the year. I cannot remember the last time we were completely done with harvest this early. We are usually going until mid-November or a few days past Thanksgiving.

As for now the guys are working on some headers and trucks in the shop, and some of the guys are doing a little trucking until it dries out.

The kids had four days off from school so they were good helpers with moving things out of the camper, making supper and packing it up to take to the field. They got hang out in the combine with me and Bentley even got called to the field to run the grain cart. He has been asking to go out and help since football is over and he finally got to be out there. He enjoys working along side the guys so much and I am so thankful that all of our employees are so good with him and have patience when he is out there.

Kimberly Neumiller can be reached at kimberly@allaboardharvest.com.

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