Janel: Wheat harvest is flying by quickly

Western Kansas—We’ve been staying very busy cutting wheat because it’s been hot (100-plus degrees) and windy most days lately. We spent the past week in southern Kansas cutting wheat. The wheat yielded around 50 bushels per acre and the test weights were 62.5 to 64.9 pounds per bushel. With the hot and dry conditions we were fortunate to get the wheat cut without any rain delays and harvest is moving along quickly.

Now today, June 19, we moved out to western Kansas and it’s been terribly hot and very windy for two days. The wind has been blowing 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts around 45 miles per hour. Our forecast is hot with highs in the 90s and small chances of rain almost everyday. It’s very dry here in Kansas so an inch of rain would be okay.

We’ve got two combines here, three combines on their way here from Pratt and three more harvesting north of Dodge City. We’ll be using our Shelbourne Reynolds stripper headers here and we’ll be back in the field tomorrow.

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It’s been very hot outside recently. 

Cutting a wheat field in southern Kansas on June 14. 

Such beautiful wheat to cut. I love it. 

Cutting wheat. 

Cutting wheat on a hot and windy day in southern Kansas. 

A beautiful wheat field. 

I saw several deer while cutting this 330 acre terrace field. 

Cutting out a terrace. 

These three deer were so pretty in the wheat field.

I love cutting a big wheat field. 

Such a beautiful harvest sunset. I love this view out here in the field. 

Cutting wheat by 9 a.m. It’s hot and dry outside. 

I love cutting wheat on a hot summer day. 

It’s so great working with a great crew. 

Such a pretty sight and getting to cut here is a favorite part of my summer wheat harvest. 

Just finished the field and going to unload on the truck and move down the road to the next field. 

This deer looked hot. It was 105 degrees outside. 

All loaded up and moving out west. 

Another hot and windy day. Hello from wheat harvest in southern Kansas. Here I was fueling up a truck. The fuel price is outrageous. It’s $400 for only 85 gallons of diesel. I want the fuel prices to go way back down. 


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