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Janel: Waiting on the weather

Southwest Oklahoma—We hustled to get down south for wheat harvest because if the weather was right, we would’ve gone straight to the field. However, the weather has not been accommodating for getting wheat cut. I’ve been staying busy though. I attended both the U.S. Custom Harvesters safety meeting and the MacDon harvest kickoff breakfast. Both were well attended and very good meetings. I’ve been fixing things and checking things over. I can’t wait to get in the field and start cutting wheat. These last few days have felt slow but catching up on rest is worth something too. I had a very busy spring preparing for harvest, doing several CDL tests, hauling grain, etc. The harvest off-season is very busy for me.

I’ve seen a slow harvest start before. A harvester’s dream is to get down here and start cutting wheat and taking care of business. However, Mother Nature makes the decision for us.

I have looked around at fields we will cut and some look pretty good. I am looking forward to seeing the yields. I am not looking forward to fighting mud. Muddy conditions are tough and takes all the fun out of harvesting. However, it does teach us to appreciate good conditions. I know this because I’ve fought mud and bad conditions throughout the years. There’s a reason why I have always had four-wheel drive on all of my combines.

It’s May 28 and I’ve been here for five days now and the weather has been full of overcast skies and cooler temperatures. Our ten-day forecast has highs in the 80s but with chances of rain most days. The start of harvest is delayed by the weather. We’ll just sit here and wait until it’s ready to go.

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USCHI safety meeting. Speed is common cause of wrecks.
USCHI safety meeting. Always wear boots to work.
Time to get it shined up in the wheat field.
Carlene checking out the storm clouds.
I just want to cut wheat.
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