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Janel: Cotton Showers

Southwest Oklahoma—We have been busy cutting wheat everyday but the cotton showers almost every evening are slowing us up. Four out of the past six evenings we’ve caught a little rain. A cotton shower is a rain that occurs on one field and a mile away the sun is shining. It’s a very frustrating situation for harvesters wanting to get wheat cut.

It’s now June 7 and our customers up the road will be demanding we be there pretty soon. We’ve got to finish up here first. The wheat is 35 to 70 bushels per acre. The test weights have been 59 to 64 pounds per bushel.

Our forecast is now clear and hot with highs in the nineties. We are fighting some mud here and this last rain just made it worse. Hopefully now the heat and sunshine will dry the fields up and we can get them cut and get moved north.

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A cloudy day June 4.
Rain clouds all around us. We got the field done and got moved but showered out around 7 pm.
Good morning, Sterling.
Cutting wheat June 5.
Rain clouds all around us again today.
I love cutting wheat.
I love having nice wheat to cut.
More rain on the way.
A few sprinkles June 6 slowed us up.
Another cloudy day.
We got rained out around 4 p.m. on June 7.
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