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Janel: Getting after it

Southwest Oklahoma—We have been busy cutting wheat that is yielding better than I ever expected. Luckily, this area caught the early rains. The wheat has been yielding 45 to 70 bushels per acre. The test weights have been 61.1 to 64.5 pounds per bushel. Smith Gold has been a spectacular variety.

It feels great to be in the combine cutting wheat and just getting after it. I love running the combine and taking care of business. I grew up in this business and absolutely love it when it’s busy. We’ve been getting over some acres and getting the bushels hauled to town. The elevator lines get long in the afternoons but the trucks have been keeping up pretty well for the most part.

Our crew has been great. They are up early in the mornings cleaning bumpers and windshields and doing vehicle inspections. We’ve got a nice bunch of guys this year. I do the hiring year round so if anyone would like to apply please check out www.SchemperHarvesting.com or contact me.

We’ve got big chances of rain today and tomorrow. However, after that we’re expecting mostly sunny days with highs in the eighties. I hope we can get this nice wheat crop cut here and get moved up the road to our next harvest stop. Best of luck to everyone and please be safe.

Janel can be reached at janel@allaboardharvest.com.

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