Janel: Impressive yields

Southwest Oklahoma—It’s no secret that I really love running combine. I also really love finding impressive yields. The yields we have seen were unexpected. I’ve cut wheat yielding from 35 to 75 bushels per acre. The test weights have been 59 to 64 pounds per bushel. Overall, I’m impressed with the yields and nice wheat crop we’ve gotten to cut.

The fertilizer put on was heavy and there are a few burnt spots in the fields. This area caught the early rains but nothing in the spring. A half inch of rain would’ve produced a bumper crop. The elevators are filling up and it’s time for the harvest to move north.

The cotton showers have brought on the weeds growing in the wheat. Dealing with that takes the fun out of it. The rain delayed us and this wheat crop should already be cut. It’s now June 12 and we have been here three weeks and we’ll finally be finishing up in this area very soon. Our forecast is hot and clear after today.

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Loading on the road.
Mama deer looking for her baby deer. I’ve seen so many baby deer in the wheat the past few days.
A nice wheat crop to cut.
The corn crop looks great right now. It’s tasseling too.
My wheels. I love running combine.
Moving to another field.
She’s looking for her baby deer.
The baby deer run in and out of the wheat.
Cotton just planted.
The highest yield was in this wheat field.
Shutting down for the night.
Cutting along the river and stateline. There’s a deer stand in the distance.
A beautiful day to be in the field.
Moving to another field.
99 degrees outside. It’s hot.
All of those cotton showers made the weeds grow. Weeds create problems.
Looks like rain coming our way on June 11.
We worked a few late nights trying to beat the rain. I loved every second of it! Wow what a yield!
I love field meals. I’m having supper on the go on June 11. I love this.

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