Janel: Combines continue to move

Southern Kansas—We hustled to finish up in southwest Oklahoma because more rain was coming. We finished, luckily, settled up with farmers, loaded up and moved north. Overall, the wheat averaged around 55- to 60-bushels per acre. The test weights were typically 60- to 64-pounds per bushel. We fought some mud but had a nice wheat crop to cut.

Some harvesters are still trying to finish up in Texas and Oklahoma. There have been some big rains around. I think everyone got rained out late last week. However, combines continue to move. We’ve got a crew in northern Oklahoma cutting wheat and sounds like fighting quite a bit of mud. We have a crew south of Wichita and another near Pratt. There is wheat being cut.

The wheat I’ll cut is about knee high and looks like a 35-bushel crop. We’ll be in the field later today. It is muddy here. The terrace channels have water in them. There is quite a bit of milo planted in Kansas. There’s wheat turning gold in Nebraska. We caught a rain here June 17 so we need heat and sunshine to dry it out.

Our forecast is hot and dry with highs in the 80s and 90s. Windy days will help dry out the wheat and the ground as well. I’m expecting to be very busy for weeks to come. Everyone please be safe.

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James, Sunder and Jett shining up a truck.
We were rained out so we take time to clean the trucks up.
I’ve made our crew my specialty homemade ice cream several times already. They love it!
Uh oh! Broken s770 parts. I called the John Deere Harvest Support and they fixed it.
I am very appreciative of the John Deere Harvest Support out of East Moline, Illinois. They follow the wheat harvest from Texas to Montana and North Dakota. They are here for custom harvesters customer support. I give two thumbs up for John Deere Harvest Support! Photo by Carlene.
Cutting wheat in southwest Oklahoma on June 15.
Cutting wheat in southwest Oklahoma.
Moving to another field.
We finished and loaded up and moved equipment north.
I love this!
Electric vehicle charging stations at an Oklahoma truck stop. EV’s seem to be getting more popular.
Driving into rain.
Stormy skyline.
I love having a nice truck stop parking lot.
Northern Oklahoma scenery.
Goodbye Oklahoma!
Hello Kansas!
We arrived in southern Kansas and unloaded equipment and parked the campers. We are happy to be here! I have always loved the Kansas wheat harvest!
Here’s a field we’ll cut.
Nice looking wheat but it’s only knee high.
Cutting wheat in southwest Oklahoma on June 15. (Photo by Carlene Schemper.)
Thanks, Carlene, for the pretty picture. I was harvesting wheat in southwest Oklahoma on June 15. (Photo by Carlene Schemper.)

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