Janel: July already

Western Kansas—We are getting over some acres. We have no mud here and good irrigated wheat to cut so really it doesn’t get any better than that. However, rain showers mess up our days. Sampling isn’t any fun. Trying to find dry wheat is a job too.

The irrigated wheat is standing well and one field I cut made 83.9 bushels per acre. The test weights were 61 to 63.8 pounds per bushel. The protein has been averaging around 15%. The dryland wheat has been making 35 to 55 bushels per acre.

We need heat, sunshine and wind to get this wheat crop cut. However, our forecast has chances of thunderstorms most nights and highs in only the 70s and 80s. It’s been an unusual harvest. It’s July already and we’ve got lots of work to do.

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I cut terrace fields for a couple of days in southern Kansas.
This was nice wheat to cut in southern Kansas.
Beautiful sunset.
We loaded up and moved to western Kansas June 28.
I unloaded equipment in the heat and went straight to the field on June 28.
The blue header is back on.
Sky turning dark blue on June 28. Uh oh.
Getting showered out.
Shut down around 8:30 p.m.on June 28.
Western Kansas has the best sky. There’s no other place quite like it.
Moving to another field.
Excellent looking irrigated wheat.
Uh oh. Dark blue sky arrived.
Finished the 84 bushels per acre wheat field and then it rained.
It’s July already.
Unloading on the go.
A nice wheat field to harvest.
Rained out again on July 2.
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