Christy: Wheels aren’t turning

Tribune, Kansas—There’s not a lot to report on harvest this week, with the exception of the rain theme that’s been plaguing us so far this season. We were able to cut for a little bit last Tuesday, the Fourth of July. After that, we haven’t turned a wheel in almost a week. Western Kansas saw anywhere between three to four inches of rain this last week. It’s definitely helping the annual rainfall, and needed desperately as they have been dry for so long. Not so good for combining.

The view here in Tribune for the last several days. Storms popping up and rolling in constantly.

From what we could see the day we did get in the field, it was yielding in the 40 bushel per acre range. The test weight was low, so it’s not the best quality. It is great though that we are seeing some yields. The first field cut was a little weedy, but the second one wasn’t too bad. I hope all the rain this last week isn’t worsening the weeds that are in the fields we have yet to cut, but I think that’s a little wishful thinking.

After cutting a couple fields on the Fourth, they were rained out and back at the campers in time for supper.

With there being little to do in Tribune, Paul, Zoey, Penny, and I snuck home to work in our yard and grab a few things we left back in May. I needed to get to the courthouse to correct a tag I did incorrectly this spring, and it’s always good to grab the mail. It was nice to just be in our own little bubble for a couple of days. It’s rare in the summer that we get to just be us, and enjoy time together.

Zoey and Penny were pretty excited to shoot home for a quick break.

We haven’t gone home quick during harvest in about five or six years. And that was due to our basement flooding because the sump pump and backup pump quit. That wasn’t a fun trip, but necessary. This time, we accomplished everything we needed to do in our yard, and even ran over to Arnolds Park before heading home so Zoey could ride a few rides with her cousin. It’s always a little bittersweet to head back out, but hopefully as soon as we get back to the campers this evening maybe we’ll be ready to cut again soon.

Zoey and her cousin riding the log ride at Arnolds Park.

With all this idle time, I know the crew has gotten caught up on all maintenance and anything that needed fixing. I know everyone is beyond tired of sitting. I really hope we can get back combining here soon. It feels wrong to wish for it to quit raining when it’s needed, but we need to get moving, too.

On the horizon, Montana is getting ready. I think we could be cutting there next Monday if we can wrap up here. I don’t know how all that is going to work, we are just so pressed for time. It’ll be a little stressful this week getting finished and getting moved around, but it always seems to work out in the end.

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