Janel: Another 10 consecutive days

Western Nebraska—We’ve had 10 consecutive days of harvesting out west. The yields have been 30 to 60 bushels per acre. The test weights have been 58 to 62 pounds per bushel and the protein 12 to 14%. We have seen some sawfly damage and weeds.

The rainstorms have been around but missed us. We’ve been cutting full blast all day every day. We’ve had heat and lots of sunshine. However, the weather forecast is changing. There’s chances of rain every day for the next week.

We’ve got six combines in Montana harvesting wheat. The yields have been good. They’ve been using pickup headers for swathed wheat. Some of it’s been yielding over 100 bushels per acre. When we finish here we’ll be moving up to the Dakotas.

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Cutting wheat in western Nebraska.
I love cutting wheat.
I love this field with a view.
Another pretty sunset.
We’ve had several hot days.
Another hot day.
Servicing the combines. It’s looking like it’s going to be another good day.
So much fueling. I really wish DEF wasn’t necessary.
Moving to another field.
Traveling some hilly roads.
Had a great day of cutting on Sunday July 30.
I love fields like this one.
A storm to the north.
I love cutting wheat.
I love having nice wheat to cut.
Uh oh. Sky turning dark blue.
My wheels in the field July 31.
Cutting late at night in western Nebraska July 31.
Another flat tire. Had a nail in it.
I think I’ve made over 5 million sandwiches by now.
The Montana crew. Photo by JC.
Montana cutting. Photo by Jared.
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