Laura: A beautiful crop

Montana—It was unusual to see how much crop was still in the fields in Nebraska, Colorado and beyond as we traveled to north. The late maturity and rains didn’t continue into Montana this season. In fact, prolonged high temperatures sped things up. As a result we needed to hit the ground running upon arrival. This all occurred while part of the crew finished Colorado and joined us a few days later.  

Since Little Man and I have been on the road together, this is the first year I haven’t stayed at least one night in Colorado. It was a bummer not to see everyone and I also missed getting our annual photo at the playground equipment to show how much the children have grown in the past year.  

However, even though I was back with the crew in Kansas, I must make a comment about the excellent crop in northeast Colorado. It was an exceptional year for them thanks to timely moisture. Our fields averaged around 60-plus bushels an acre.  

But back to Montana. We have entered the world of both winter and spring wheat in addition to other small grains. For those new to agriculture and the blog, winter wheat is drilled in the fall, goes dormant in the winter and then matures throughout the spring and summer. Spring wheat, as the name suggests, is sowed in the spring and will be harvested after the winter wheat crop. Other small grain crops to be harvested this season include barley and canola. 

The farmers have been in good spirits. So far as the crop appears to be a strong one. This crop is yielding in the range of 70 to 100 bushels of acre. The wheat is dry so the crew has been able to start earlier and cut later into the evening than some of our other locations this season.  

Speaking of evening, they are starting to have just a hint of coolness. As I predicted at new crew member orientation, the hoodies will be making an appearance soon.  

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