Christy: Harvest had two speeds

Combining by Kiowa, Kansas.

Wow. What a year. Starting out down south in Texas, we saw great crops, especially since the year before. We also saw lots of rain. That trend continued throughout the southern end of our run until we hit Montana. We were partially happy to see that rain, though. Especially in Kansas. It maybe didn’t hit at the right time, but I hope it’s a trend that will forge on to contribute to an excellent crop next season for all of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

That infinite Montana sky. I miss it already.

With the slow-going start in the south, we moved into high gear when we hit Montana. Excellent crops all over with conditions keeping us on our toes. We had one rain day, and ran really hard for a month straight. I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever worked that hard before. It was a neck breaking pace, but our crew kept at it, and delivered for our farmers.

The biggest part is that it’s just not done yet. Zoey and I came home to start school, yet our guys are still running in North Dakota. Paul’s working on lentils. He’s battling kochia, and not seeing great yields. By Ray, Gary is battling foggy mornings and wet wheat that have hindered progress. We’ll keep at it until we can finish this wheat harvest.

First day of school for our 3rd grader. Penny needed to be by her side.

As far as the most interesting predicament we encountered this year: I’d have to say that would be one I shouldn’t mention here. Though if you catch me sometime, I’ll elaborate.

I’m not sure what the guys listen to while combining and trucking, but I imagine they find good country to top the list. And as for a favorite meal—I had a few compliments this year. One was bubble pizza, another was tater tot hot dish. But the compliment I was most surprised by was a roast that I ended up cooking 24 hours instead of 12. Parts runs intervened, and I didn’t get it served when I expected to. Turns out, that might be the way to do it.

The best yields this year have been in Montana. I am so happy for our farmers. I’m only wishing that it stays that way, and that in Kansas and all over it continues to gain for all farmers.

I love what we do. It isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always ideal conditions. But the thing that stays the same is the sun will rise. The crops will grow. The cutters will cut. And the rain stinks it all up.

Tribune, Kansas. The rain made us park too many times.

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