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Laura: Summer memories

What a crazy season it has been. I won’t rehash all the crazy conditions again, but if I had to sum it up with a phrase, I would say with a chuckle, “What was that?” Gosh, it was such a strange year, but we’re so grateful, that despite the weather challenges, we had wheat to harvest and great customers to serve.  

As we close, I wanted you to hear some memories from the crew. We’ve had such a great team this year and they’ve truly rolled with everything that came our way.  

Veteran Nic says he “doesn’t want it to end.” When asked about what song kept him fired up this season, he said “Forever Country.” 

Another veteran, Mark, will remember a humorous encounter his brother had with a wild hog, fruit and biscuits, golfing with crew members, all the people and travel he’s had across America. Mark appreciates the service of John Deere Harvest Support, and his hours in the combine were passed by listening to country music.  

New member Joel said he’ll remember the “debriefs” they had at the end of the day. The work would be finished, but everyone would linger a little longer just to laugh and talk about the day. An out-of-the-field memory includes attending rodeos and white-water rafting in spectacular Glacier National Park. When it’s all over he will miss “the mates you make and the characters you meet along the way that definitely make the experience memorable.”  

Veteran member Stevie, had the opportunity to have his “better half” visit from South Africa. It meant the world to him to show how he supports his family. He was even able to take her to Glacier.  

It makes my heart happy to hear they’ve made some lasting memories and friends this summer both in and out of the field. I appreciate the time and effort our team put in as well as the sacrifice they’ve made to be away from family and friends, to help us serve our farm families. That fact isn’t lost on me.  

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to make the wheat run again this summer and share it with you. Thanks to our sponsors and the High Plains Journal for making it possible. Even though summer is ending, fall harvest is just about to kick off. We would love for you to join us on our Facebook and Instagram at @highplainsharvesting or @undertheflyoversky as the adventure continues into fall harvest. 

God bless!  

Getting everyone at the same place and at the same time provided virtually impossible this summer. We are hoping to have a full group shot when we’re finally all back together this fall, but in the mean time, this was the best we could do with our All Aboard Wheat Harvest shirts. We appreciate our sponsors for providing our team with them. Have you been able to nab one yet from the Facebook contests this summer?

Thanks to the High Plains Journal and the AAWH sponsors for the magnet decal. Can you spot it on the grain cart?

Watching the crew drive under the rainbow on their way to Montana will be one of my favorite memories from the summer.
The sunset is setting on wheat harvest 2023, but it is just beginning for fall harvest 2023.

Laura Haffner can be reached at laura@allaboardharvest.com.

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