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Kimberly: Excited to be back

Hello everyone, I am so excited to be back and let you all follow in on our fun. My name is Kimberly Neumiller with Neumiller Harvesting out of Bowdon, North Dakota. My husband Mychal and I have two kids, Bentley and Payzlee. They are keeping life outside of harvest very busy as they get older. Neumiller Harvesting is a family owned operation which is ran by Roger, Mychal, Cole and Logan. Renee, Karlie, Danica and myself are also apart of the business as we keep the crew fed, machines going when there’s a breakdown or just simply making sure everyone is having a good time. Each family member of our operation has a role and we couldn’t do it without each one. As for our kids, they are starting to step into the business more and more each year, Bentley has been in the grain cart on and off for a couple of years now but he is eager to be in the field more often. Mychal gave him a little combine seat time this summer and now that’s what he wants to do. Payzlee loves helping me with the dishes, laundry and cooking. We have our system down so when we need to take food out, they both step up and help. 

Right now we have 18 to 20 employees that are running ten combines and four grain carts in North Dakota. We are combining from one corner of the state to the other corner. We are located in New England, Hazelton, Baldwin, Westhope, and Langdon.

We have rain in the forecast for the next several days and not a lot of wheat left in a few of these places so we are hoping the rain holds off a day so we can finish our North Dakota wheat run and get ready for bean harvest.

The weather has been fairly decent the past few weeks, we have had a few mornings of heavy dew and cooler temperatures but over all we have been moving right along.

This year we had eight machines down south with us as we were down some acres due to the drought. Crazy to say that when we sat in Vernon, Texas, for 16 days before we could start combining because it rained every day. Mychal and I were there 29 days before we headed to Oklahoma, but the others were a few days longer. That seemed to be our theme this year, every stop we moved to it ended up raining for a few days and we sat for a week. Everyone jokes with us and tells us we need to come south in the winter so they can get the moisture they need. It gave us a chance to go over equipment, clean campers and make sure everything was ready when it was time to go. We had a lot of rain days in a row so we didn’t expect to work every day because, well, there is just not a lot to fix when your out a week so the guys made the most of it. We had multiple softball games, swimming days, leg wrestling matches and days to just sit around and visit.

Kimberly Neumiller can be reached at kimberly@allaboardharvest.com.

Neumiller Harvesting grandkids.
Mychal, Bentley and Payzlee enjoying the Montanta views
Mychal, Bentley and Payzlee enjoying the Montana views.
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