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Janel: Nebraska soybeans

South central Nebraska—I have a feeling fall harvest is going to go by quickly. We started cutting soybeans Sept. 18, cut for three days then had four days out of the field due to wet conditions. However, our forecast is now sunny and clear. A little rain break was okay because the soybeans were just borderline ready anyways. They have now ripened up more.

We got back in the field Sept. 25. The soybeans are yielding anywhere from 68 to 83 bushels per acre so far. I think the late summer heat hurt the soybean yields. They are not quite as good as usual but still good soybeans. We’ll be busy for a couple of weeks yet with soybeans then we’ll pick corn. We have six combines here cutting soybeans and three combines in Kansas picking wet corn. The Kansas crew had a big week and got over quite a few acres. Best of luck everyone with fall harvest.

Janel can be reached at janel@allaboardharvest.com.

Cutting soybeans Sept. 20.
Soybeans in the grain tank. Nice looking soybeans with a 57-pound test weight.
The soybeans are borderline ready. We are right on time.
I love having nice fields of soybeans to cut.
My combine shadow on Sept. 20. I love this time of day.
Uh oh. The moon says it’s going to rain.
I hauled a load of soybeans to the elevator early in the morning on Sept. 21. I love driving truck too.
It rained anywhere from 2 to 5 inches in the area on Thursday evening Sept. 21.
A beautiful rainbow.
Cutting soybeans Sept. 25.
Harvesting soybeans. I love being in the combine seat.
There’s some higher yields in this field.
Cutting soybeans Sept. 25.
Cutting late on Sept. 25.
Unloading soybeans on the cart late at night.
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