Christy: A little rain hiatus

Amazing corn by Hartley, Iowa. Cameron is leading our crew down there, and putting in the hours to get as much done as possible before all the rain in our forecast.

Worthington, Minnesota—Combines were moving over acres well, until this last Thursday. The skies opened up and dumped about three and half inches of rain by Round Lake, Minnesota, where we are running one machine on corn, and about four inches of rain in Hartley, Iowa, where two machines are working on corn. We’re so dry at this time, I don’t believe it will impact field conditions too badly, but we might be a little sticky in the field until the rain soaks in.

On Wednesday, before the rain, the guys combined from eight in the morning, until about 2:30 a.m. the next morning to get as much in as possible.

Crews in Elkton and Roscoe, South Dakota, also saw rains, yet were able to get moving again today. We are still stalled, but should be able to pick again tomorrow.

By Hartley, Iowa, we are seeing some really awesome corn. Fields are varying, but producing anywhere from 200 to 270 bushels per acre. It’s a great corn crop. Carts are busy, and trucks are busier getting all the grain where it needs to go.

The carts stay busy catching combines by Hartley, Iowa.

Corn around Worthington, Minnesota, is also doing well averaging anywhere between 180 to 245 bushels per acre. It’s good to see good yields, and the forecast appears at this point that it will continue to be clear so we can hopefully start finishing up some jobs.

I was happy to see a little break; not only because we need rain, but also because I needed supplies and provisions to keep all these men fed. Zoey and I took off to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where our closest Sam’s Club is located. We stocked up, and also had a visit with the dentist. Zoey is cavity free, and my pantry is full.

A full cart, and it’s a good thing. I was very tempted with all the Christmas decorations already on display. I don’t think Paul would’ve been very impressed if I came home with all the neat stuff they had.

Things are running well at this time, and we hope it stays that way until we reach the end.

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