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Kimberly: Fun in the Field

We have been staying pretty busy the past few weeks and putting in some long hours. The employees are still enjoying their time in the field and know that you have to have a little fun every once in a while. The Westhope crew decided they were going to have a Halloween costume day in the field this week. Even the bosses joined in on the fun. I think we need to have a monthly dress up day in the field now.

Kaydyn and Kyler

Roger had started on corn in Lemmon, South Dakota, now and we are starting to wrap up bean harvest. Fun is one of the most important and underrated ingredients in any successful venture. If you’re not having fun, then it’s probably time to try something else. Enjoy your time while you can.

Kimberly Neumiller can be reached at Kimberly@allaboardharvest.com.

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