Janel: Winter weather

Central Nebraska—Corn harvest was extremely busy up until we received winter weather on Oct. 26. I absolutely love corn harvest except when it’s really cold and it’s been that way the past few days. Being in a camper takes some skills too when the weather gets cold. The main thing is to remember to leave the sink water running so it doesn’t freeze up. The end of October has been so cold.

We had a few slower days but now we’re busy picking away again. It’s Oct. 30 and we’ve got lots of corn to pick. We have one more cold day and night but then nice weather returns. Our forecast has highs in the 50s and 60s and I’m looking forward to it.

The corn yields have remained high. The test weights have been 58 to 62 pounds per bushel. The moisture has been around 15 and 16% but tonight in the field it was showing around 16.9% and that makes me nervous. It needs to be 17% or less where we’re hauling and when it’s borderline like that it’s no fun to worry about the moisture. The corn is standing very well and I want to keep on picking until we’re finished.

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Nice fall colors on Oct. 22.
Picking corn Oct. 23.
My wheels in the field. I love this.
I can’t ever get enough combine time. I love it.
I love this time of day. Another pretty Nebraska sunset on Oct. 23.
It was cloudy Oct. 24.
It was cloudy again on Oct. 25.
Unloading at the dry pile.
Picking corn on Oct. 30.
It was a beautiful day and 47 degrees Oct. 30.
I love a Nebraska sunset. Such a pretty sky.
Harvesting late in the evening.
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