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Christy: Snowy Halloween

Worthington, Minnesota—It’s been another week of weather that’s just not cooperating. Here by Worthington we had to put on the breaks last Wednesday due to rain, and the rain later turned into about an inch of snow Saturday. Finally on Monday we were able to slowly start working again, and as Paul came home last night we received another dusting of snow. I think we’re going to warm up later this week, and then we should start rolling well again.

The snow has disappeared for now—we hope it stays away for a little bit longer.

Down by Hartley, Iowa, our crew ran into the same weather conditions this week, but I believe they had a little more snow than we did by Worthington. They are about 30 or so miles to the south of us. They slowly started up again on Monday, and hope to wrap up that job either today or tomorrow. It’ll be great to have another customer checked off the list, and one less stop on my meal delivery route.

These fall nights in Hartley have made for some great picture opportunities.

Out in Roscoe, South Dakota, the crew received around three inches of snow. A little more than we have here, and I don’t think it’s disappearing as fast as they would like. They’ve had to piece out time when things are hard frozen to be able to combine. Hopefully they’ll warm up one last time so they can get finished up out there. I know they’ve been struggling a little bit with campers freezing up, so it’s time to get done and bring those home.

The snow in Roscoe. (Photo by Thomas Sandow.)

Today is Halloween. It will be a really cold one. Right now we are sitting at about 25 degrees, and I don’t believe we’ll get much warmer. Over the weekend though, the guys came for supper and helped Zoey carve a pumpkin. The pumpkins had to stay inside though so they wouldn’t freeze. I’m not sure if we’ll brave the cold to try for trick-or-treating tonight, but we did the downtown business trunk or treat in Lake Park and Arnold’s Park this year, so she’s got enough candy to last a while.

The crew watching Zoey gut her pumpkin. They all humor her by helping out.

I love the snow, but I’d rather it wait just a little bit longer so we can get finished up for the season. As I said, we should see it warm up later this week and we’ll hopefully start covering acres again.

Christy Paplow can be reached at christy@allaboardharvest.com. 

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