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Kimberly: A very hectic week

Bean harvest is coming to an end and corn harvest has begun. The rain/snow moving in. Karlie and I started to clean out crew campers last week as we do not need all of them on the road anymore. We got one cleaned up, winterized and put away for the year. We winterized the 54ft and cleaned it but still have people staying in the front half. Just as we got those two done, we were informed another camper was heading our way from Westhope. School was cancelled on Thursday so the whole family was there to help with the last camper. We decided to get that one completely done and move the remaining three employees into the 54ft back half. We do still have two campers out on the road but one has been winterized and the one that will be heading back to Finley will be going in our farmer’s shop, which we are very thankful for.

Karlie and I working on a crew camper

Fifty-four foot camper getting cleaned out.

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