Christy: Closer to the end

Cameron and Matt, our two combine operators in Hartley, finish the final field and fold their heads in as they cross the field.

Worthington, Minnesota—We finished up by Hartley, Iowa, this last week. Corn by Hartley averaged great anywhere from 200 to 260 bushels per acre, as far as I’ve seen. Rainfall and conditions proved to be beneficial in creating these awesome yields, apart from our farmer who grew a great crop. I’m also ecstatic to see this job complete so I no longer have to make that haul to deliver meals.

I finally got my All Aboard magnet put on Paul’s combine (he was in #10 because his machine was broke down for a bit).

Some crew members by Hartley have moved up with Gary and Rhonada to Elkton, South Dakota, to help finish up those jobs. As far as today, I believe they have completed those jobs, and will begin helping Paul get his corn out. We’ll keep shuffling around until we see everything completed.

We did a 110 acre field by Little Rock, Iowa, before moving over to Paul’s corn. This field did awesome and averaged 270 bushels per acre.

Our crew by Roscoe, South Dakota, is working on what will hopefully be the last week of corn. They have seen a banner crop in this area averaging around 190 to 200 bushels per acre. This is an excellent crop for this area. They have been dry, and between this year and last are happy to see fields creeping up in bushels.

After we get these jobs complete, it will be time to move everything back home. Campers need to be moved soon before the weather decides to freeze up again. We have been really lucky weather-wise since it warmed up after the snow. We won’t be as lucky when it freezes up again.

Making the last few rounds.

We’ve been incredibly blessed this season with few breakdowns. There have been issues, but none that we couldn’t handle to still complete work that needed to be done. I’m excited to be done this year. I feel like we have accomplished a lot and worked hard to show for it. Our crew is the best we’ve had in a long time. We’re grateful for each person.

The end of the season brings a whole different slew of work to be done, but we’ll work it out as best we can, and be excited for next year before we know it. Hope everyone has a safe and healthy end to harvest.

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