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Christy: Adjustments

The last trains to make it home from Elkton, South Dakota. I believe these are the last of the equipment to come home.

Worthington, Minnesota—The last week has seen many changes in our operation. We’ve said our goodbyes to most of the crew that’s been with us this year, and meals are a little easier to make with fewer mouths to feed. Equipment is slowly but surely getting cleaned up and put away for the year. We’re noticing lots of projects that’ll need to be in the works for the winter time.

The four trains to come home made a stop in Sioux Falls to get a good wash before being stored away for the season.

Not quite half our crew this year are from overseas, and as they’ve begun to move on it’s been hard to say goodbye. We still have two J1 Visa trainees here that spent Thanksgiving with us. They will be taking off here next week. We sure had a great bunch of guys this year. I know they will do great things, and I really hope they learned lots while here. I’m really glad we have social media to keep in touch.

The last bit of crew that joined us for Thanksgiving and our traditional game of Phase 10.

Over the winter, we will be keeping on three people to help with shop projects and haul grain as needed. A few of our combines for next season have been built, so we’ll be taking off after them sometime in the near future. It may be the off-season, but we will continue to have work that needs attention, just not as crucial and as fast paced as harvest time.

These next few weeks will be busy with Paul and I planning to attend the Canadian Harvest Convention outside of Calgary, Alberta. We have friends that are harvesters from Canada and I’m excited to see how they do convention. It should be a good time, I just hope the weather stays good for our travels.

I’m not really sure where November went, but I know December will probably disappear with the end of the year as quickly as the whole year has. I’m looking forward to the holidays, and finally getting some time to relax and enjoy being home.

Christy Paplow can be reached at christy@allaboardharvest.com.

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